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Amputee Actors Help Make Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Look Real

An increasing amount of evidence suggests that at least some of the casualties of the Boston Marathon bombing were "enhanced" with cosmetic injuries, prepared in advance.  The implications are profound and compelling.  This video and accompanying materials suggest how it might have been done.

ExampleAmputationsExternal.jpeg"G'dday, mate!"

Boston Bombing False Flag Actors - Enhanced Photos and Analysis

The FBI's Role in Boston Marathon Bombing and "Bomb Drill"

Mercenaries Carried Boston Bomb - PROOF Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

Boston Bombing Investigation - FBI Does Bomb Sweeps Just Before Race

Martial Law Training Day

A connection to Sandy Hook?

Gene Rosen and Other Actors Exposed Selling Sandy Hook Massacre

SANDY HOOK's Stephen Barton Shot in BATMAN Movie - Coincidence? You Tell Me.

Deepest sympathy for any real victims of the Boston bombing. I can't imagine a bomb of that size not creating some real injuries, especially burst eardrums, even if it was just a pyrotechnic display. No doubt the American people as w a whole were the intended victims, in one way or another. May the real perpetrators be brought to full justice.

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